Glacier Star

Technique of the Month

Wall Quilt size 60" x 60"

(made by CI Carol Thelen)

Queen size 90" x 90"

(made by Gail Bartlett)

The Glacier Star pattern is Judy Niemeyer’s first Technique of the Month (TOM) quilt, published in 2010.  The goal of our technique of the month program is to design quilts that incorporate a wide range of Judy’s techniques to be taught by our Certified Instructor program, and familiarize quilters with these techniques in a manner that will allow them to pick up any of our patterns and successfully complete them after they have completed one of our TOM patterns.  This quilt continues to be successfully taught across the US, Canada, and Australia, and it continues, today, to be the most successfully completed quilt pattern of Judy’s publications.


And best of all?  The cost of all 6 technique booklets that make up the pattern for the wall quilt is INCLUDED IN THE COST OF YOUR CLASSES.  If you wish to do the Queen, the cost of the expansion pack will be an additional $40 + PST, payable at the time of booking.


Skill Level:  Beginners with some experience of sewing (yes - really!!) and above - small class sizes will ensure you achieve success!


Class Dates 2017:

Wed 12th April:   Complimentary Prep Class, 9.30 - 12.30

Wednesday 17th May:  Technique 1 (NY Beauty)

Wednesday 21st June:  Technique 2 (Geese in the pond)

Wednesday 12th July:  Technique 3 (Lone Star)

Wednesday 16th August:  Technique 4 (Snowflake)

Wednesday 6th September:  Technique 5 (Feathered star)

Wednesday, 27th September:  Technique 6 (Circling geese)

Wednesday 25th October: Putting it all together


  • FREE 1 to 1 sessions to help with colour choices (by request)

  • FREE sew days in between classes to provide extra help and motivation! (optional)


All classes are 9.30am - 4pm unless otherwise stated.


Cost:  $75 per class INCLUDING the cost of the wall size quilt pattern.  

  • First class fee is due at registration (if you are doing the Queen size, the cost of the expansion papers are also payable upon registration).

  • Thereafter, class fees are payed one month ahead at each class.


LIMITED PLACES AVAILABLE to guarantee small class sizes.