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How it all began


In 2008 Anne Hall and her husband, son, and dog moved to beautiful Fernie, BC, from the UK.  She very quickly found the local fabric store, The Cotton Tree, where she was made most welcome.  The sumptious fabrics, particularly the beautiful batiks, were simply irresistable, and she initially painstakingly hand pieced each quilt block until Santa brought her a sewing machine at Christmas. 

One day in The Cotton Tree, she noticed a Judy Niemeyer pattern, and with a sinking heart realised that "there was no way on this earth that I could EVER do that."  But after a number of courses with Judy, she fell in love with the patterns and techniques, and resolved to become a Certified Instructor so that she could share her enthusiasm for teaching and inspire others to learn these techniques so that they, too, could learn to create something that they initially thought was beyond their capabilities. Having trained as a school teacher in the UK, she already knew how rewarding it could be to see the enjoyment and pride on her students' faces on mastering something difficult, and resolved to share her teaching skills with quilters as well as her students.  After all, there's not that much difference, is there? 


She and her husband David moved to Vancouver Island on 2012, and after a relatively short but intense house hunt, they found the perfect house in the most beautiful of locations.  Seven years later, amidst the craziness of the COVID year, Anne and David decided to move to a beautifully private property near Bridge Lake, in the Cariboo region.  Anne has much to sort out in the studio, a new puppy to welcome to the family, and new adventures to pursue.  


And so, yet another chapter of her story unfolds.  


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